RAAR - label

Two of techno’s brightest shards, the oft-collaborating Maelstrom and LOUISAHHH!!! are delighted to present the label RAAR. The name connotes both ‘rare, uncommon, unique’ and the sound of a guttural roar, the wild cry of a true passion project.

Started as equal parts research division of techno’s new frontiers, haven for the sacred and profane, and ‘benevolent anarchy’, RAAR aims to release truly innovative music from and for brave sonic explorers.

Unsatisfied with digital-only distribution, RAAR plans to press every release to vinyl, curating a library of tangible sound objects as the label’s legacy. Additionally, the digital releases will be ‘pay as you want’, and feature special open-source material (beat-a-pellas, acapellas, instrumentals, sound banks). The label encourages its audience to invest in and make use of what tools are laid out for the taking.

RAAR is a creative ethos not limited to music. Each release is tied to an artwork, a poem, a story, a photograph. Aiming to be a true gesamtkunstwerk, RAAR pushes boundaries in all creative frontiers.

Invested in both shedding new light on techno legends and in exposing and uplifiting new talent, RAAR presents fresh work from illustrious figures in the genre and the work of newcomers and emerging artists:

A techno label for punk rockers, a punk rock label for techno-heads, a celebration of the warrior spirit that feeds and inspires innovation and exploration, RAAR is born.