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RAAR 009 snow falls remixes AVAILABLE NOW

RAAR is delighted to present ’Snow Falls Across the Border’, the lead single from Maelstrom’s 2017 release ‘Her Empty Eyes’ has made its way from the soundtrack to an imaginary piece of historical fiction to a cyberpunk modern dance piece, and all of the sonic multiverses in between.

Remixer Clatterbox brings a lush, emotional soundscape, while Russia’s Interchain and PTU give two vastly varying versions, alternately nihilistic cold wave (with the words ‘snow falls’ in Russian repeated insistently throughout) to the anxious hypnosis of jacking sirens and zaps.  Maelstrom re-envisions his own work in a single live take, adding sharper teeth and tougher guts to the pensive, enigmatic original.


as always, all new RAAR material can be found on our soundcloud